Disputes which arise after someone dies are often highly emotive and legally complex.  We are experts at advising on such disputes in a compassionate, effective and expert manner.  Matters on which we can provide specialist advice include:

  • Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.  Such claims might involve a claimant who does not consider that reasonable financial provision has been made for them from an estate, a beneficiary defending their inheritance from such a claim, or executors trying to meet their duties in the face of such a dispute.
  • Challenges to the validity of a Will.  These can follow suspicious circumstances about the way in which a Will has been prepared or signed, doubts about whether the person who made the Will was able to understand the document they were signing or concerns about someone exerting undue influence on a person making a Will.
  • Concerns about the way in which executors are dealing with an estate.
  • Disagreement between beneficiaries (either amongst themselves or with executors) about how certain assets should be distributed.
  • Disputes about who should act as executor or administrator of an estate.
  • Uncertainties about the terms of a Will or who should benefit where a person died without a Will.

Effective resolution of these types of dispute requires advisers who are confident and experienced not only in advising on wills, estates and trusts, but also in the processes and strategy required to progress matters through the Court if required.  Our Charlotte Searle is a full member of the Association of Trusts and Estates Disputes, an organisation which recognises advisers who specialise in dealing with the above types of dispute and who are best placed to seek an early and efficient resolution for the parties involved.

Neale Turk LLP’s expertise in advising on probate and trust disputes is recognised in the Legal 500. 

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