It’s not always easy to talk about death, but at Neale Turk LLP we are experienced at providing friendly, easy to understand, expert advice on the preparation of Wills.  Whether you need help exploring the options for how best to provide for your loved ones, on tax planning or the use of trusts, we can help.  

We prepare Wills for a fixed fee, so you can be clear about the costs from the outset.   For a fixed fee we will meet with you to talk about your specific circumstances and any particular concerns or questions you may have.  We will then prepare a draft Will for your review and comments, before overseeing the proper execution of the final document. We also safely store Wills for our clients, free of charge.

Getting your Will right can save thousands of pounds in tax, avoid disputes after you die and ensure that your wishes are given full effect.  The importance of taking expert, professional advice should not be underestimated.  Charlotte Searle is a solicitor and member of the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners, which recognises expertise in preparing Wills.  


We regularly advise on both setting up new trusts and administering existing trusts. Trusts can be extremely useful tools for a number of purposes, but proper and efficient administration is essential. They also often arise where property is jointly owned and in those situations the terms of the trust might be unclear or there may be issues which are disputed between co-owners.

Contact us for help dealing with the exercise of trustees’ powers, tax compliance, interpreting trust terms and general trust matters. We can also provide expert advice on disputes about trusts or disagreements between trustees and/or beneficiaries.